Our Mission


The Onota Foundation believes that the most pressing need for humanity today is to rediscover its place in nature and to live in balance with its natural surroundings.

We value our Earth as sacred and are devoted to its conservation and restoration, to the guidance of our children in the ways of respecting and caring for her and to creating a way of life that is ecologically sustainable.

Therefore we support:

THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT:  In programs to conserve or restore marshlands, open meadows, forests, natural water sources and biodiversity of plants and animals in their native habitat.

SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE:  organic farming and preservation of heritage plants and animal breeds.

PREVENTIVE MEDICINE:  a holistic approach to health care integrating western medicine with other forms of healing from around the world.

EDUCATION:  programs to foster 1) creativity and open-mindedness through the arts, 2) respect for the interrelatedness and interdependence of all beings on Earth, 3) individual and collective responsibility for leaving the world a better place for future generations.

We are a small foundation with limited funds.  We are more interested in the small, the entrepreneurial, the experimental and the educational project.  We seek to make grants where our dollars will make the most difference.